Temperature reading fluctuating

Last night i was trying to cook something to 190. the temperature reading started fluctuating going to over 200 then back to 120 then -10, etc. Tried unplugging and powering back on a few times but the prblem persisted when i set to 190. i dropped it down to 130 and that seemed to make it stable again. has anyone experienced this before and is my cooker giving out?

I typically cook at high temperatures (tofu and veggies are my jam). High temperatures shouldn’t cause your cooker to freak out. I suggest reaching out to support so they can further troubleshoot the issue for you.

If you haven’t done so already, try covering the container (plastic wrap, foil, foil bubble wrap, pingpong balls, etc).

I had a similar issue and found it was water vapour from the open container when cooking near boiling temperatures. Once I started covering the container, all has been fine.

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It might be worth running a water bath at that temperature (with nothing but water in it) and check the temperature to see if it was just the display on the unit or the actual control circuits. The information might be helpful for Anova Support when you contact them.

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I have this same problem on two devices.
WiFi (May 2017)
BlueTooth (Nov 30 2017)

The devices work fine at meat temperatures 130 - 148F
It occurs while they struggle to reach temperatures of 185F. The devices cannot get the water temperatures up to 185F, even when they are used in Tandum.
I use a small, insulated cooler, so the waterbath is as insulated as you can make it.
Support suggested this was due to calcium build-up… however, the BlueTooth device was only used once before this error occurred.

I have tried following up with support, but they tell me my e-mails are not received (even though I have email log confirmations that their Google system did accept my mails). I’m at a loss for what to do next, but I strongly suspect the device is overheating causing electric malfunctions.

how many times does it preheat the water anova?

my anova started cooking normally, but after 6 hours the temperature started to lower and I left preheating but kept lowering, is that normal?

This does not sound normal.

You should submit a support request.

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Hey - moved your question to an existing, similar topic. Please heed @john.jcb’s advice. What your experiencing with your cooker is not normal and you’ll need to contact support so we can help you out with it.