Terrible Customer Service, Terrible Device

The display on my Anova Precision suddenly stopped working, Although there was no display, I could still connect wirelessly and use the device although not ideal. I raised a ticket to Anova and they advised me that it was due to moisture in the unit and I should place the unit in a bag of rice for a couple of days and it “should be fine”.

I did just that, and when I turned it back on nothing worked at all. I reported this back to Anova and I asked for a replacement to which they said my warranty had run out. So gone from one that partially works to one that doesn’t work at all now off the back of Anova advise then basically tell me to GF Myself.

Thanks for dicking me around Anova, I will see you in court.

Anova doesn’t come to the community forum. Your only audience here are current Anova users.

Thanks, it was partly to warn fellow customers but was under the assumption that they mediate the community from posts others had posted.

There are a couple members (well at least one) who do moderate the forum, but they are fellow members, not affiliated with Anova.

Wow…the rice thing is an urban myth (I’ve done it myself in the past as well) - the rice really does nothing - just allowing water to evaporate out of an electronic appliance can often save its life - really depends on whether the water has shorted out components or not before the power was removed.

Support needs to replace your unit.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the rice idea would not have hurt it any, it just didn’t prevent the unit from going bad, as it would have done anyway. Still, I can understand the annoyance.