the beep doesn´t stop

Hi everyone,

I just recently bought the Anova Precision Cooker.
I was so excited about getting started, but I could not get the device to start heating up.
The water was exactly between the min. and max. signs, the temperature was set, the timer was set … when I wanted to start, there was this terrible beeping noise that would not stop.
Having tried 10 times I gave up on it.
Do you know what might be wrong with the device or my way of handling it?


Assuming you pressed the start button (the one with the right-pointing arrowhead, like on a media device) and got this behavior it sounds like a defective unit. I’d contact Anova support.

Yep, just what @DParker said - hit up so they can help you with that!

Thanks for your quick answer and the feedback. I will contact Anova support.

Thank you for your answer. I will contact the Anova support team, just like you are suggesting.

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When your unit fails again (it will) Here is the permanent fix.