Traveling with a Turkey Breast

I am getting ready to Sous Vide a turkey breast and take it to my parents about 3 hours away. I am cooking it before I go because I won’t have time once I get there. Does anyone have suggestions on traveling with a cooked turkey breast. Should I sear it before I go or sear it once I get there and what is the best way to rewarm the breast? Thank you in advance.

Get an inverter for your car and keep it warm with the Anova en route? (haha, the highest tech method!)

Or insulate very very very very well, surround with warmed packs and travel at temp?

Or cool it in bag, take Anova and warm it there?

I would sear last thing before serving for crisp skin. You could also sear then slice and warm the meat more thoroughly in a pan of gravy.

I would take the Anova and warm it there and then sear.


^ yup, this.

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