Unit stops working

Was going to do a 48 hour rump roast on Sat. When I woke up in the morning the water was cold. The machine stopped. I thought, perhaps I just plugged it in, set the temp but didn't turn it on. Unlikely, but possible. Then, last night, I started a 30 hour corn beef and woke up again to cold water. I know that it was set to 71.5 degrees and working when I went to bed. 

Chat support has suggested a return is required. It's Wednesday and I need this machine for an event for 200 people on Sat. This is highly unacceptable for a brand new (less than a month old) machine. The auto-response say they'll respond within 48 — also, utterly unacceptable. Additionally, I've now wasted $60+ on unusable meat, to which chat support offered no compensation or even compassion. 

As I'm about to log off, support then sends me a message… “Looks like you may not need a replacement. Just announced that we have had additional reports of the issue you're having. And it actually is a server issue. We are expecting the issue to be resolved by Friday.” But provided no additional follow up. Where is this announcement? How do I prevent this from happening in the Future? I asked these questions but the person on chat had stopped responding at that point (without a sign off or salutation) — completely unprofessional. I can't have the internet of things ruining my meat and dinner plans! 

So, do I replace it and have the same thing happen? If so, why did I waste extra money on a WIFI unit? If the unit is fine but it is an internal server issue, what recourse do I have? What guarantee do I have it won't happen again? If Anova can't get notifications working, I'm not very hopefully that they're internal server won't do this again. 

I’ve had the exact same issues as described here:

http://community.anovaculinary.com/discussion/6587/anova-wifi-keeps-stopping (which I saw you commented on).

However, still no official statement from Anova :frowning:

There’s a serious design flaw in their product, if server-problems can make your device stop. I’m considering resetting my unit and not connecting it to WiFi again (and instead use the Bluetooth version of the app (which also seems more complete)).

Pretty stupid since I paid extra for the WiFi model, but these persistent server problems and the lack of information from Anova has me worried about the stability of their product.

Anova’s customer support is sub-par at best.

My “48 hour” replacement of a BT unit took 10 days.  CS manager even called me personally to lie about the status,  offering no explanations or apologies and claiming it was shipped 3 days before the tracking number showed as being created (which, incidentally, would still have been 4 late).  

You’re better off buying a new one from any number of other online retailers, having it shipped overnight, then shoving the broken one back in the box a week later and returning it for a full refund. 

Shame, because they have some rather innovate features on their hardware that had me pick them over the competition.  I guess good product and good customer service is too much to ask for these days.  Not everyone can be Amazon I guess.

I actually had good CS from Anova. Must be struggling these days as staff rarely even answers forum posts.