Wagyu recommendations?

I’ve decided to celebrate not staying dead by eating a nice piece of organic grass-fed free-range hippy AU$75/kilo Wagyu from my local(ish) gourmet butcher. Since this is my first, I want to make sure I do it right. Therefore I’m looking for recommendations from people that have done this before on the best way to treat the meat. So, I get it home from the butcher. Then what? Is it best fake-ageing in the fridge for a few days or bagging and cooking straight away? Do I season it pre- or post-cook? I would like to get as much flavour as possible from the meat itself so I’m not planning on adding any herbs, spices or marinade, unless anyone here can convince me otherwise. Added bonus - what would you serve with it? Wine pairing suggestions also welcome.

For the wine I would try
Penfolds Grange Shiraz. I am told this one of the best Australian wines and is reasonably priced (newer vintages). I have had it a couple of times and it was superb as I recall. I had a mid 90’s vintage in the late nighties and a late 90’s vintage in 2004. I was able to secure passes to wine tastings for restaurant owners in Chicago from a friend.

All I can say about the steak (I have never tried Wagyu) is that the best steaks I have ever had were all dry aged. They lose some moisture in the aging and as a result the beef flavor is more concentrated. I agree salt and a little freshly cracked pepper are all a steak needs.