Where is my order? CA116024

Ordered on December 3rd and still no shipping notice. I’m not sure what to think about ANOVA at this time.

They’ve just been inundated with orders. Be patient, it’s worth it!

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3rd Dec? I ordered on 25th Nov, still nothing!

I ordered on Nov 22 and I’m still waiting for my order.

Hi @pinchio, @kennychoy_126, and @babybaby120, We are so sorry for the delays, everything should be shipping out very soon if it hasn’t already. You can check the status of your order here: https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us/articles/217210126-Anova-Holiday-2016-Shipping-Schedule

You can also contact support@anovaculinary.com, for more information on your specific order.

The good news is that if you are in Canada (as well as most places), your order will definitely arrive before Christmas :slight_smile:

I checked against that link, I ordered the Bluetooth+Wifi version and it says

Order Number #HK113424
Order Status: Being Processed
Country Arriving at your Door by

Hong Kong
Bluetooth 220v No Delay
WI-FI 220v Dec. 16th-21st

No delay?? But I don’t even have the tracking email yet that, one of Anova’s staff said i should have received it yesterday!

Worse is, from an email on 17/12, and I’m quoting, “Your package is about to be picked up from our Hong Kong warehouse tomorrow…”, well, I am ordering from Hong Kong!

I am having the same problem as kennychoy_126.
My order number is HK113090 it says no delay, I placed my order on Nov 22, the delivery date was supposed to be Dec 9-12 and I didn’t even get any emails about the dispatch or any tracking number.

I contacted the Anova support and Shermie@anova have been trying to track down the package but no luck.

@kennychoy_126 and @babybaby120, I just got this update from support in regards to HK orders, like yours: “There was an error in processing your device at the warehouse but I’ve confirmed that your device is being shipped out Wednesday afternoon to arrive no later than this Friday (23rd).”

@HunterC ,
I am in the same boat as @bababybaby120 and @kennychoy_126, already contact support and ETA should be 21st Dec.
Please help to check the status of #HK113293 , wish i can get the cooker on or before 23rd Dec (Fri).

It looks like your order will also arrive by xmas. We are working hard to make sure these all get shipped.

“Please help to request Kerry Express contract me directly”

I would like to complain the logistics arrangement. The logistics company is totally not responsible and ridiculous.

After trying to call the logistics company lots of time(more than 30mins), I finally able to reach the logistics company this morning (23/12) and she has promised me the device is “delivery in progress” and I will able to receive by today (23-Dec). In the afternoon, I waited till 5pm and started to call them again to understand the delivery status. I kept calling for more than an hour still no one pick up the phone. I kept waiting and waiting till 9pm and still no delivery. It is totally ridiculous!!! I need the cooker for the Christmas dinner and keep waiting for the delivery. It is my office not my home. You guys were wasting my time for nothing !!! If you can’t delivery by today, can you give me a call?! Even worse, the logistics company was totally not reachable!!!

Is that I need to go back to my office tomorrow to wait for the device even it is Christmas Eve while we are not need to work ? Please help ask the logistics company to call me back for explanation and discuss the arrangement! I feel so disappointed about the arrangement and your brand name. It is totally ridiculous to wait the device for more than a month!!! Don’t tell me it is the logistics company fault! The supplier have the responsibility to ensure the product can be delivered to the customer in a reasonable time.