Who are Searzall & Spinzall BOOKER & DAX?

Am I the only one that reads the dedication pages of a book? I am reading at - desultorily - Dave Arnold’s Liquid Intelligence, dedicated to his sons Booker and Dax.

Can anyone recommend a food-nerd forum like this one, but for wider interests, to not diffuse the ANOVA emphasis here, please?

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You’ll likely have listened to Dave Arnold’s podcast - cooking issues? Some episodes are great fun, many are informative.

Forum-wise, :man_shrugging:t2:. Reddit/cooking? egullet? singletrackworld.com can sometimes address food.

Liquid intelligence - great! You’ve read Harold McGee’s books?

Realising this is the opposite of what you intended, but have you tried a Spinzall? It’s on my list of ‘don’t need but would like to try’ cooking gadgets.