Wifi connection new precision cooker

I received my Precision cooker some days ago. and all was fine. The cooection with my Samsung S10 was working well … till yesterday. I was not able to connect anymore. I have tried all i found on internet. Uninstall, reinstall the app, … But I cannot connect …
I also verified all settings of my network (SSID, Pasword,…).
My wifi network is not shown in the list.
Just I didn’t find how to reset the Anova new precision cooker (no wifi buton).
Can you help me ???

After one day of uninstall, install again, power off, power on, …
I managed to reconnect the Anova Precision cooket to my Samsung Android :slight_smile:
I don’t know how i did, but i did :slight_smile:
Just be sure that the Anova Precision Cooker in really near the wifi router (+/- 1 m).
best regards,

I had to TURN OFF BLUETOOTH on my V40 ThinQ phone while pairing on WiFi. It connected immediately.

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