WIFI with multiple mobile phones with APC

I created a WIFI connection with my mobile phone, which worked flawlessly. Assuming the WIFI network and password are stored in the APC I started the Anova app on my wives phone and logged in with the same Anova account. Would expect the phone connects the the Anova server, where the APC is connected to as well.

Wrong this seems not to work. I would consider it a quite common use case to use the WIFI from multiple devices ( maybe not simultaneously to avoid control conflicts, which actually can be avoided by allowing the second connection to be ‘monitor only’)
But this seems not possible, any other solution for this ? It makes the wifi feature quite useless if you use the APC with multiple users.

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You can only control the Anova with one device. There has been talk of multiple device control in future releases, but for now it’s one APC to one mobile device.

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The same question was posted over two years ago by @lukelim91 here: Connecting more than one mobile device to APC Wifi

In that thread @HunterC said:

“Hi, currently it cannot, but it is a feature we are planning on implementing this feature shortly.”

Again that was two years ago. For some reason it went back and forth and finally @AlyssaWOAHAnova closed the topic saying the question was answered even though it wasn’t.

I have been waiting for this feature since I got my Anova, it’s really kinda dumb that my wife and I both can’t use the same machine without disconnecting the other. Not sure what @HunterC meant by “shortly” but I would think that is less then 2 years. Not even sure if its still on their roadmap and haven’t seen any other updates.

Originally it was intended to be ‘shortly’ as @HunterC said. However, priorities change. It has now been demoted in importance in preference of other developments.

@vseven Feel free to follow the conversation in the thread you linked, you’ll find the answer posted. It has been de-prioritized, exactly as @Ember mentioned and as I have mentioned.

I have followed that thread. In it multiple people complained about controlling a Anova from multiple devices and for some reason you guys released a feature that was the exact opposite. Then you closed the thread saying it was answered when the problem still exists. Hence why another topic about the same thing was opened.

Read Alyssa’s lips: “it ain’t gonna happen.”

Not so. Just that it won’t happen in the near future. But who knows next year?

What, like the Alexa skill, you mean? Or the firmware upgrade capability?

Forgive me for not wanting to hold my breath.

We have a saying in Australia (courtesy of a Kiwi formerly married to a Pom)… ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.’

Yeah. Maybe. Or maybe not. Or perhaps the horse will learn to sing.

I have the same issue which really should get sorted

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Just wanted to share something with you about this “desired feature” which is not supposed to exist but operate well under some conditions:

I have recently bought the new anova precision cooker.
My wife started using it with an app on her phone(own login and pw)
I had the app installed with another login on my phone (using another wifi APC) and connected to the newest APC and I started to program a cooking temp and duration.

Both my wife and I received the notifications and were able to interact with the newest APC.

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