Connecting more than one mobile device to APC Wifi

Some context… I have multiple android devices running versions of marshmallow and nougat, all with the latest version of the anova app from the play store. However, whenever I successfully pair a new device to the APC Wifi, it seems the device previously connected loses it’s connection to the APC Wifi.

My question is:
Can the APC Wifi be connected to two or more mobile devices? If currently that isn’t a possibility, does anyone know if Anova has plans to add such functionality in the future?



Hi @lukelim91, currently it cannot, but it is a feature we are planning on implementing this feature shortly.

P.S. Welcome to community!


Good to know! Thanks for the reply.

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Hi, Is there any ETA on this update?
I’m looking foward to use APC with my family members via WIFI.


@takatomo Hey! It hasn’t happened yet. It’s on the roadmap, though.

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Thanks! I’m looking foward to update.


@takatomo no problem! When I find out about anything new, I’ll let you guys know!

Any ETA?

It’s a common scenario to want to start an ice bath and remote start a cook with your phone and then monitor a cook with your tablet on the couch.


I second this request for an update. I love my Anova WiFi but this was the first limitation that I noticed while starting a cook with my tablet and wanting to monitor while out and about with my phone. Thanks for an update on ETA when possible.


Definitely will give everyone updates as they come!

I’m looking for this feature. Need to connect moms phone, it’s too difficult for her to set timer manually by hand. :frowning:

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Get her a kitchen timer. No more problem.


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Amy update on this topic? Would love to be able to operate the APC with multiple devices

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Just got my APC and after my first cook I tried to explain how to use it to someone else and we ran into the same issue. I sent a mail to support to ask how to do it but now I’m catching this thread and thought I’d reply.

I’d also recommend an extra detail: for a multi-user home it would be good not only for multiple devices to work, but for the primary owner to be able to invite other account users to manage their device. For example a roommate or a spouse should have their own account but be able to access my APC if I invite them to. This is better than giving my account access to someone else and would be a good part of this feature.


Yes, what a great idea. I’m sure that we could make it even more complicated by introducing revokable SSL certificates so, in case you have a falling out with your roommate, you can prevent him/her from sabotaging your dinner. Of course, only certificates signed by Verisign or similar would be deemed acceptable…

This is getting ridiculous, IMO. For heaven’s sake, the Anova is a heater that you stick in a pot. Set the temperature with the wheel and turn it on. When you want it to stop cooking, walk over and turn it off. There is no need for any software at all here.

I have no updates for this.

It is absurd that either my wife or I needs to unpair our phone from the APC for the other one to use the APC App, its crazy!


Wouldn’t you find the same for a UE Boom?

Just spent a good 20 mins trying to get our anova to pair to two phones over wifi. We’re saying it can’t? Bluetooth seems ok, but only one account can have it paired over wifi? Lame.

This is correct. The APC can only pair with a single phone at a time. To change controlling device you will need to go through the pairing process again.