Best & Cheapest Beef Cuts for Steaks

Hi Guys,
I’m new with sousvide cooking. This week I want to make steaks for my family, but i am on a budget.
What is the best and cheapest cut of beef to use for sousvide and without a lot of fat?

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Ribeye is my go-to! But not sure if it has more fat than what you’re looking for! I’ve seen lots of tri-tips being cooked around here too. Trimming the fat is also an option.

ok, tnx

Short Ribs seems to be the most popular answer.

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If you are looking to go on the cheap side why not try eye of the round and cut it into portionds that look like a fillet.

Rump/round was traditionally the most common steak down here.

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@bonimeo did you decide on what you wanted to make?

I’ll probably try tri tip or eye of the round cut into steaks

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