Eggs Benedict. THE BEST BRUNCH!

This recipe takes a couple hours, but it’s so easy and mostly hands off. Ok, so get some water going at 147F and drop in some eggs. Then, in a ziplock bag: 75g butter, 20g lemon juice, 3 egg yolks, and 30g water. Put this into the same bath and cook for two hours. When the two hours is up, simply crack (carefuly, but they will come out) the eggs onto a plate. Then, hit the hollandaise mixture with an immersion blender, or put into a standard blender until it comes together, about 10 seconds or so. Top some toasted english muffins with ham, the eggs and the hollandaise! Top with chives, or dill, or whatever herb you love. So perfect. The roast potatoes recipe isn’t sous vide, but I can share it anyways ( This is brunch done right, and brunch is the best meal.


Once again, looks amazing!!


I’ve found that boiling the eggs for 2-3 minutes then shocking them in an ice bath before putting them in the SV tank does wonders for making the eggs easier to get out of their shells.

Great tip to try @acs. Poached eggs are my favorite on toast are a favorite of mine.

Damn. That looks outstanding.

There’s a joint near me that does sous-vide fried chicken with eggs benedict, and you’ve made me want to skip that and just make it at home. That hollandaise looks intense btw, no issues with it splitting it seems?

Also really like the exact quantity/weights you use, haha.


Thanks, Bill! The sauce was great. I was really skeptical when I pulled from the bath, because 147F is enough to “cook” the yolks, and they were a tad, chunky(?) when I poured it into my immersion blender cup. 8-10 seconds later everything was insanely smooth and really thick and rich.

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I want to try this! @colewagoner, do I add the ziplock bag of Hollandaise ingredients and the eggs when the water is still cool, or do I add them after the water reaches 147F? Also, by my crude calculation, the non-metric equivalents would be 3 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and 3 tablespoons water, correct? How many servings does the sauce yield?

I added this after the water reached 147F! There was at least 4 servings with this recipe. Enjoy!

Great! Looks delicious. I love Eggs Benedict!

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AHHH-mazing! :heart_eyes:

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Too much yolk in the Hollandaise. 1 yolk per half stick of butter is ideal

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It was perfect!

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The beauty of sous vide for many is that you don’t actually have to know how to cook! enjoy!

I find the 147 for one hour to be perfect for poached eggs. Crack across the upper one third, remove that portion of shell and they pour right out. To be efficient I’ll do some eggs following a sunday sous vide cook say of a pork tenderloin. Then put the cooked eggs in your frig. To use during the week, first thing when you get up just microwave a bowl of water for 3 minutes. Take egg(s) out of frig that you want for that morning and put in the hot water, then go about your morning routine (make coffee, make toast, etc). Crack open and enjoy! Nothing like a sous vide poached egg.
Did similar receipe above for Mother’s Day with crab meat… Delish.


Oooh so poached eggs with crab meat!? Sounds amazing! Do you happen to have any pics of your creation?