Embedding Photos in your Forum Posts - A Quick Easy Tutorial

I love seeing photos of your beautiful food. Many of you may not realise that photos can be embedded into forum posts as well as tacked on the end, so I thought I would write up a quick and easy to follow tutorial. Hopefully you all will find it helpful. You’re all interacting with a forum on the internet so a certain level of computer knowledge is assumed. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to help. So let’s get started!

1. Mis en place (get everything ready)

Copy the photo(s) off your phone or camera on to your computer. I suggest your desktop but it’s up to you. This is just temporary, you can store them somewhere else as needed after we’ve finished.

2. Resize the photos.

By default, photos from your camera will be huge and take ages for other people to see because they take a while to download. For those of you that have Photoshop, well, I’m assuming you also know how to use it. For everyone else, there are a number of free alternatives on the internet. For this tutorial I’m using iPiccy (http://ipiccy.com/) for no other reason than it was the first entry google showed me when I searched “free photo editing website”. I poked around a bit and it does what we need hence my suggestion, but it’s totally your call.

• Click the big yellow “Start Editing” button.

• Click the “Upload Photo” button and find your photo from the file selector that pops up.

• Resize your photo by clicking the “Resize Photo” button on the left-hand edge of the window:

I have found that 500px width is ideal - so put 500 into the Width (px) box and click 'Apply"

• Please feel free to go crazy with the other functions.

• When you’re ready, click the Floppy Disk button on the top edge of the window and save your photo back to your computer.

3. Embed the photos into your Anova forum post.

Write the text of your post.

To upload your photo, scroll down until you see this:

Click on the orange “Attach a file” and then the “Choose File” button, navigate to where you saved the resized photo, select it and click the “Open” button. Your photo will upload and a thumbnail preview of the photo will appear.

Hover your mouse over the preview and a drop-down menu will appear.

Click on the orange “Insert” text and some HTML code will be inserted into your forum post.

You can then use your computer clipboard to cut and paste that code to the place in your forum post where you want the image to appear.

Job done! I really look forwards to seeing what you all can come up with. If you have any questions please ask!

@Simon_C Thanks for posting!! Great way to avoid the giant mutant food photos. Although Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs world is kind of appealing to me...

All - you can also edit the comment right after you've posted it and change the HTML tag by adding in the width, so you would change it from this:

To this:

Note the addition of width="500" in the second line.

P.S. We've had this giant image issue fixed in the past but it looks like there are some bugs popping up with it again so we'll take a look and get this resolved. In the interim, Simon's post is a great workaround - thanks again! Also, please feel free to shoot me a note if you notice your photo just turned super grande and would like me to fix it for you :)

Thanks for your kind words @jordan - when compiling this tutorial I ran across an odd problem that cost me much time and confusion until I worked out what caused it. I would try to upload screen clips of buttons but the forum software would say “uploading…” but not finish the upload so I couldn’t embed the clip. Turns out there seems to be a minimum file size for uploading images, so I simply made the clips a bit bigger (which is why they’re huge in this post, I actually wanted them a lot smaller).