I have received the wrong device

Hi Everyone, yesterday (December the 14th) I receive my Anova Precision cooker with a little delay, but when I was trying to pair it with the app, I realized that was the wrong one. I´ve buyed the wi-fi version and I have received the bluetooth one so at this point I neew to know how to proceed. I prefer change it for the correct one but have a refund of the money different could be acceptable as well. Would be anyone so gently to explain me next steps at this point?.

By the way, my order nº is EU120459

I have the same problem…i bought the wi-fi version and i received the bluetooth…

Me too. The false device. I ordered the wifi. Delivered is the bluetooth. No answer from support. :disappointed:

I also received the wrong device :frowning:

I got a rock.

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Same here! Ordered and paid for a WiFi. Today I received a BT unit.

I ordered the wifi and today it arrived I am so happy :blush:

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Hi @johnny.o, @Khassad, @mutis, @bart1977, @Priestermax,

We are so sorry that you received the incorrect device. We are currently answering a ton of questions on support and are working as fast as we can to reply to all the inquiries. But fear not! We are going to take really good care of you and make sure you get the right device. We will make out mistake right, just please be patient with support as we are a little overwhelmed with the amount of people contacting us currently.

But we have your best interest in mind and will be getting back to you asap.

Thanks in advance for your patience :slight_smile:

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I ordered the BT, can you please make a mistake and send me the Wifi.


Lol - got paranoid and went to check to make sure mine had wifi…

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Thx for all. The wifi version has be shipped. I think it is in time for christmas. Thanks so lot !!!:grinning:

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Mine too!!!, an A++ for the whole Anova team and specially for the Customer service team!!! They are fast and very professional as well, Much better than some “premium” Brands.

One more time, Thank you and congrats!!!

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Same here. Paid for Wifi, received a Bluetooth unit. Also my order came a week late.

Hi @mrscaper, please email support@anovaculinary.com and we will get everything sorted out. So sorry about the delays!

All sorted. Customer care at its finest. Think we all can imagine that errors are prone to happen this busy time of the year. What matters is a swift and professional solution. Thanks for fixing this so prompt.

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Dear Hunter Conrad,

I sent an email to your support as you suggest in my thread and automated message said you will contact me in next 48 hours. Now it’s been more than 50 hours and no reply from your support team. Can you please check if everything is alright with them, now I am the one who is worried …

I do not know why are you ignoring your customers with timespan you can not accomplish … It would be better if you would say “we will be in touch with you” without timespan or maybe “we will be in touch with you this or maybe next year” …

disappointed, mad and furious,

Hi Denis, so sorry for the tardy reply, we are working hard to get back to everyone asap. I have just informed support that your request has not been answered and they should be getting back to you within the hour. My apologies once again.

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Dear Hunter Conrad,

Thank you for fast reply and all the help, I really wish I would be appointed to you at first mail.
The support girl really contact me after you informed the support team and explained that everything will be solved as soon as possible.

That is the support the customers are needing I wish all were like you.

Thank you again and best regards,

Same problem here. I have paid for a wifi model, but I received a Bluetooth model instead.
How should I proceed?
I waited several weeks for the delivery, and after a two weeks late delivery it turns out that it’s wrong.
Order Number: #1137716
I have emailed the support too, but still no response.

I had the same issue, I really was unhappy with it (could also use some other F word),
But after Hunter interact with support team everything was satled even better I would expected.
So just be patient …