My machine is broken

Recently bought his machine anova, at first very happy, but now is a machine that has no precision.
I have ruined two meats cooked on different days, it has left me very badly before my guests.
This crazy, constantly changing temperature, the screen tells you for example 75.5ºC and the second tells you 73ºC to later indicate another temperature.
I have been able to check that the water temperature is higher than the one indicated on the screen.

It is very unfortunate for me to indicate that its product is defective, an imnovador system but with failures.

Mi maquina esta rota

Hace poco tiempo compre su maquina anova, al principio muy contento , pero ahora es una maquina que no tiene ninguna precision.
Me ha arruinado dos cocciones de carnes en dias diferentes, me ha dejado muy mal ante mis invitados.
Esta loca , varia la temperatura constantemente, la pantalla te indica por ejemplo 75.5ºC y al segundo te indica 73ºC para posteriormente indicar otra temperatura.
He podido comprobar que la temperatura del agua es superior a la que se indica en pantalla.

Es muy lamentable para mi indicar que su producto es defectuoso, un sistema imnovador pero con fallos.

Os dejo video de lo sucedido

Please contact customer support. They will work with you to resolve your issue.

Now the service is not available, I have to wait until Monday.
Send an email to go ahead of time.
I am very disappointed :frowning: It has only been used in 3 months 6-8 times

Thanks John for your answer

Hi! We can definitley set you up with a new unit. Private message me your order number and name and I will pass it along to the support team.

I’m so sorry you had these issues, but we I’ll do everything I can to get your cooking ASAP

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I just sent a message to your email account.
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New machine same bugs

After receiving the new machine at home since the previous one went crazy

To my surprise is that if I cook at a temperature higher than 70 º the machine goes crazy again.

A real shit

I will upload the video for the designer and responsible to take note !!

I do not trust you anymore !!


I’m sorry to hear you are having mechanical issues again, that is very odd that it would happen twice.

Are you cooking at 70 C? or F? One thing that could be happening if you are covering your container and not putting a place for the steam to escape besides right next to the device, sometimes steam can get up into the electrical component.

We can also issue another exchange if need be. In the short term, try to put our device in rice, since as I mentioned water vapor might have gotten into the electronics.

We will gladly set you up with a replacement though! My sincerest apologies again, I definitely want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I will clarify concepts:
1º Cook in degrees Celsius
Problems arise when cooking at high temperatures and generating steam
3º If cooking fish at a low temperature the machine works
4º So that my machine does not go crazy I have to cover the cooking pot with transparent paper, that is a shame, that a machine that in theory has to be precise and reach temperatures of 99º C fails by the steam.
5º You have a problem of design or what you have to do is give a polyurethane cuvette with hermetic lid.
6º Now I have a machine that serves me to cook fish, but it does not work if I want to cook meats or vegetables
7º I want to cook without a lid as they advertise on their website, if I wanted to cook with a lid I would have bought another model.
8º I think they have a design fault and therefore a serious problem, the solution is not another replacement, since the system will always be the same and I repeat that I do not want to cook with the container covered

Hi @conaceiteysal

All of your suggestions are definitely things that we are working on implementing. I will be happy to issue you a refund if that is what you prefer, but based off of what you said, since cooking at high temperatures seems to be the main issue, I really do recommend making sure if you are covering your container, just poking a few holes on the opposite end to let steam escape not right next to the device.

If you get a chance to try this let me know if it works, as it has worked for me personally.

You don’t have to cook with a lid, if this is what you prefer, in this case, you may just have to refill the water and make sure it doesn’t fall below this min line.

The decision if you want a replacement or not is up to you. So just let me know how you would wish to proceed.

I’m so sorry you have been experiencing this, it is not fun especially around the holidays, and I will do anything in my power to help.