Poor Bluetooth connection after iOS app update.

I’m using Anova Nano.

The app connects when I boot it up the first time but then if I move the phone a bit it will disconnect and won’t ever find the Nano until I close the app completely and boot it up again. It also disconnects a lot when connected.

The best suggestion I have is that you contact support about this. The forum seems to no longer be the regular home of any Anova staff.

Bluetooth is know to have these problems with all types of devices. It has a short range and it can be disrupted by obstructions. Eange is normally measured in an open space to give the largest result.

I don’t think it’s related to how Bluetooth works. It was better before the update.

Anova’s software quality (as hard as it is to believe as the bar was so low) seems to be slipping further. I haven’t tried yet with the latest update (wasn’t aware that they had updated the iOS app, as I’m running the iOS 13.1 beta and my apps update often because of that), but the prior version I couldn’t get to connect to wifi at all (and I think we’re going on 4 or 5 years since the v1 wifi units first came out…so I’ve had more than my share of troubleshooting their app’s connectivity issues).